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When talking about an influential woman in our lives, we often say: “She’s like a mom to me.” She can be anyone: a favorite teacher, a cool aunt, a family friend. She can work in the cubicle next to you, live down the street or be a member of your cooking club.   Women who…

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on our minds
Family trip to Paris with Envirosax bags. Linda sticks her bag in her luggage and uses it as a carry-on for heavy stuff (shoes, books) if her luggage is too heavy.

Send us a picture of you using a Mom Enough bag somewhere near or far! And if you’re looking for instructions on how to fold your Envirosax – it rolls up to the size of a piece of sushi – see the graphic below.

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tv appearances
KARE_Baby Blues

Many women experience “the blues” in the days or weeks following the birth of a baby. In most cases this period of mild depression passes naturally within a couple of weeks, with no lasting harm to mother or baby. But for some mothers this natural period of transition becomes a more serious, longer-lasting depression that…

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It’s hard to be “mom enough” or “dad enough” even under the best of circumstances. But when stress, frustration or exhaustion consume us, parenting can feel downright impossible. But there are strategies we can use to reduce our stress and manage our feelings – strategies that will pay off for us, our children and our…

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on our minds
A huge thanks to all of you great moms and dads who joined us for A Night Out for ME!

Our 4th annual A Night Out for ME event on May 1, 2013, was so much fun! The moms (and even a couple dads) who joined us at The Metropolitan enjoyed delicious D’Amico appetizers, a glass of wine and an entertaining, informative talk by Marti & Erin about being “mom enough” at each stage of…

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