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KARE_traveling with kids

Flying with babies or young children can be stressful for everyone involved. So what can parents do to be prepared for those fussy moments? And how can fellow passengers help ease the stress for both parents and children? Here are tips Marti shared with KARE 11 News at 11 host Pat Evans to help make…

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If you’re like most parents today, chance are you’ve found yourself questioning why your kids have so much more homework than you had when you were their age. You may question the purpose of assignments or wonder why you can’t figure the work out, let alone help your child. This week’s Mom Enough guest, Roger…

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2-13-13 softball

My third-grader signed up for something new last week: softball. We also signed up for something else new: required fundraising.   Anna was equally excited about her new uniform and the discount cards for area businesses that she needed to sell. While I buy something or donate money to pretty much every school fundraiser that…

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Child psychiatrist Elizabeth Reeve and children’s author Elizabeth Verdick have more in common than a first name; both are moms of sons with autism spectrum disorder (ASD). They pooled their experience and talent to write a book aimed at young people with ASD, but Marti & Erin see this clear, engaging, practical book as a…

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When a child is bullied in words or actions the pain can last a lifetime. Even witnessing bullying can lead to anxiety and depression. Children who bully also are at high risk for a host of long-term problems, so it’s in everyone’s interest to bring an end to this widespread problem. After classmates taunted Carrie…

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