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Maybe your college kids are home for the summer, or perhaps you have young adult kids living with you while looking for work or saving for an apartment. Whatever the situation, you may find it hard to redefine your parenting role with these boomerang kids. How much privacy and independence should they have? To what…

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Grief is a natural and dynamic response to a major loss and, for people of all ages, it demands time and understanding. But with children, grief doesn’t always look the way we expect. Children sometimes may appear irreverent or disrespectful – or they may be unbearably sad one minute and dashing out to play with…

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When we become parents for the first time, we are plunged into a myriad of new experiences, with all the emotion and uncertainty that accompany such a major life change. But have you ever imagined what it is like for the baby, leaving the cozy, protected environment of the womb and confronting all the new…

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We love our children and we hate to see them struggle, right? But are we harming them in the long run by making things too easy for them? Greg Lais, founding director of Wilderness Inquiry, thinks so and has spent the past 35 years taking people of all ages and abilities into nature to meet…

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Marti joined Brandon Ezuck from Radio Disney and Josh Garubanda, program manager at Wilderness Inquiry, for an on-air “News You Can Use” interview about the importance of getting children connected to the outdoors. Research shows nature experience, or outdoor time, is connected to children’s health, learning and development. Exploring and playing freely, and not just structured outdoor…

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