parental perfectionism guest Elizabeth Lombardo

When you lose your cool when your toddler misbehaves at the park or when your teen botches a major exam, what do you say to yourself? If you’re like many parents, you probably slip into all-or-nothing thinking – saying to yourself, for example, “I’m a terrible parent!” or “My kid will never get into a…

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Real Simple Jan 2015

Marti contributed some great information to this month’s Real Simple magazine, practical tips for letting go of helicopter parenting and helping your kids grow up to be competent adults. We’ll add a link to the article if it becomes available online.

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on our minds
Erin & Brett gave everyone matching jammies for Christmas -- cozy!

Marti & Erin enjoyed family time in Minnesota and California during the holidays. They’re sharing these special memories with you and wishing you health and happiness in 2015!!!

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young entrepreneurs guest John Hope Bryant

Children seem to be born young entrepreneurs, from selling mudpies to their mom to building a lemonade stand or dog-walking business for their neighbors. But what does it take to turn those rudimentary skills into larger lessons about budgets, credit, investments and banking? John Hope Bryant and his colleagues at Operation HOPE have worked with…

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support for adoptive parents guest Elisabeth O’Toole

A couple’s announcement of their decision to adopt often is at the midpoint of a journey that began long ago with dreams of their imagined family. As the prospective parents deal with all the uncertainties, questions and cumbersome processes of adoption, friends and family often are challenged to find ways to celebrate, support and even…

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