Motherhood & Words guests Sherrie, Kate & Andria

Kate Hopper’s mission is to shine light on authentic writing by gifted authors who are mothers. An accomplished author herself, Kate brings writers to The Loft Literary Center each year to read their work, revealing rich and profound stories within the everyday lives of mothers. This year’s Motherhood & Words event features: Sherrie Fernandez-Williams reading…

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Erin graduation 5-13-16_sq

Erin received her doctorate from the University of Minnesota! She graduated from the Doctor of Nursing Practice program in Women’s Health. Erin plans to continue to blend her passion for public health with her interest in direct patient care as a women’s health nurse practitioner.   Check out these photos of Erin with Marti; with…

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teenage girls guest Lisa Damour

You probably remember the challenges of your own adolescence – on-again, off-again friendships, emotional highs and lows, worries about body image, anxiety about school, life and love. In today’s fast-paced world – and with both the opportunities and threats of ever-present technology – the stakes seem even higher for our teenage girls. In her new…

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We’re very excited about today’s Vision 2020 blog post by the University of Minnesota’s College of Education and Human Development! In it, Marti shares the journey she and Erin have traveled in the last 10 years of exploring modern motherhood on their show.   Have you heard the story of Erin going into labor and…

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Erin_UofM_award May16A_sq

We are so proud of Erin, who received the 2016 Alumni Innovator Award from the University of Minnesota’s School of Public Health. This award is given to a graduate who has made, developed or implemented innovative ideas, approaches or solutions to public health services through science, practice or education while displaying qualities of persistence in…

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