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Although we like to think of childhood as a time of joy and innocence, the American Psychological Association estimates that about 15 million children in the U.S. have a diagnosable mental health disorder, and millions more are at risk because of inherent or environmental factors. Yet only about seven percent of these young people receive…

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photo of 11th Annual Motherhood & Words Reading featured writers Susan Ito, Shannon Gibney and Judy Batalion with host Kate Hopper

Author and writing teacher Kate Hopper invited a select group of women writers to read from their work at her 11th Annual Motherhood & Words Reading at the Loft Literary Center in Minneapolis. Kate’s mission is, in her own words, “to highlight the amazing writing out there by women about motherhood.”   As in years…

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on our minds

Moms attending the 2016 A Night Out for ME event shared what being Mom Enough means to them. Then they learned more about the ‘Mom Enough’ concept during a fun and educational presentation by Marti & Erin. Watch these videos to find out what everyone said!  

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photo of ME's perfectionism in parenting guest, Dr. Elizabeth Lombardo

When you lose your cool when your toddler misbehaves at the park or when your teen botches a major exam, what do you say to yourself? If you’re like many parents, you probably slip into all-or-nothing thinking – saying to yourself, for example, “I’m a terrible parent!” or “My kid will never get into a…

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photo of ME's parenting a teenager guest, Joani Geltman

The explosion of new technologies over the last 20 years has opened a whole new world to children and teens, posing both opportunities and challenges for kids and parents alike. The adolescent years probably always have presented issues that make parents uncomfortable. But technology has raised the stakes with threats like online bullying, sexting and…

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