photo of adolescent brain development guest, Dr. Laurence Steinberg

As parents, we often roll our eyes at the thought of our children becoming adolescents. How will we (and our children) survive this difficult period of development? But Dr. Laurence Steinberg, a Temple University professor and well-known author, has spent decades studying adolescents and has arrived at a much more positive view of what he…

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on our minds

Marti & Erin will discuss Striking a Balance: The Work/Life Equation on Tuesday, December 13th, from 2-3 PM CST. This FREE webinar is part of the Bright Horizons’ Family Matters webinar series.   Are you managing all the important facets of your busy life — parenting, marriage, career, social life and community — or are…

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We’ve all heard “mean girl” stories and many of us probably have lived them. But the social rejection and humiliation kids inflict on each other is not unique to girls; in fact, this week’s Mom Enough guest cites evidence that relational aggression is equally common among boys and girls. Whatever the gender of the children…

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tv appearances

During Halloween you see lots of zombies and monsters in the streets, something that can be fun for many children, but frightening for others. Many young children imagine there are scary creatures hiding in the closet or under the bed even when it’s not Halloween. If your child has those fears, how should you respond?…

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Mom Enough guest Ron Ousky on collaborative divorce

We all have heard about – and many of us have seen firsthand – the negative effects of divorce on children. But the choices parents make before, during and after divorce have a powerful impact on how children survive and even thrive in the face of such a difficult family change. Attorney Ron Ousky is…

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