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“St. David's Center has worked closely with Marti for more than two decades. Her leadership in our field, the breadth of her impact and the quality and depth of her every thought are the reasons we sponsor Mom Enough. I couldn’t have more respect and admiration for Marti & Erin and the continued impact they are having on the next generations of mothers through Mom Enough!”
“I am a mother of 5 and own my own business with my husband which makes me the perfect poster mom for ME! I respect the candid and honest approach of both Marti and Erin. Each has their own perspective to add; Marti from her academic experience and hard data to support wisdom and Erin from so many of us….the daughter…can we ever fill our mother's shoes? And, are we right, better, or worse ??! You need both of them and they deliver an entertaining, meaningful and educational insight into the dynamics of what it means to be a "mom" today.”
“Mom Enough shows provide an invaluable resource to our corporate clients' employees, offering a product that provides evidence-based, practical information in a convenient manner. We often hear from individuals commenting about how they use the shows as discussion topics during worksite parenting groups or download the shows to listen to during commute times. Mom Enough shows reflect the topics relevant to today’s parents in a contemporary mode of delivery.”
“Being in the business of caring for new families, one of our main goals is getting them started on the right foot to become a strong, loving, knowledgeable family. We always recommend listening to Mom Enough and their library of shows, featuring a multitude of interesting and thought provoking subjects and guests that help parents through the trying times with love, humor, expertise and evidence based research. Marti & Erin make you feel good about your parenting without judgment, in a world where we are always comparing ourselves to everyone else… looking like “they have it all together”. They have empowered me and the moms we work with to feel like we are Mom Enough! ”
“MOFAS was a sponsor for the A Night Out for ME event for the last three years. The event is well-run and puts our organization in front of the young women in our target audience. We’re able to spread the word about our organization without spending time and money on our own planning and promotion of a separate event. We gave out mocktails and the delicious recipes for the non-alcoholic drinks at our table to promote our 049 message – zero alcohol for nine months. ”
“I'm a Birth-3 Early Childhood Special Education teacher, and I am so happy to have found Mom Enough! I've been looking for resources that I can share with the families and colleagues that I work with – and am very excited to share this! It's great to see that your program discusses topics that relate to children and families with special needs.”