Doulas guests Debby Prudhomme & Mary Williams

So, you and your partner have gone to childbirth class, practiced your breathing and developed a birth plan. And maybe your mom or another loved one plans to be there for added support. But what if you could have a specially trained person there to anticipate your every need, clarify what’s happening with your labor…

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We know that even one new baby – let alone two or three! – can redefine life as we knew it. And, no matter how strong we think we are, we all need help and support during such a major life transition. What do we do when two hungry babies are crying at once? How…

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There is compelling evidence of the benefits associated with breastfeeding, from nutritional value to enhanced immunity to plain old convenience. But, for a variety of reasons, not all moms can or will breastfeed. And even those who do may stop short of the 12 months recommended by the American Academy of Pediatrics and other health…

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tv appearances

The latest cover of Time magazine has folks, especially moms, buzzing. It shows a woman breastfeeding a toddler and asks “Are you mom enough?” The cover story explores the “attachment parenting” trend. Local mother Kristine Dorrain practices attachment parenting. She and Marti shared their views of the parenting method on KARE 11 Today. Watch the…

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on our minds

In response to the cover story in the May 21 issue of Time magazine (“Are you mom enough?”), we felt compelled to speak out on what it means to be Mom Enough™. The Time article focuses on four mothers who follow the practice of so-called “Attachment Parenting.” This is a topic we have written and…

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