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March is Brain Injury Awareness Month. It’s a good time to make sure parents have the knowledge they need about a relatively common kind of brain injury in children, concussions.   Although a concussion is relatively minor compared to a more serious head injury, the long term consequences are not always minor, especially in the…

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photo of ME's repeated concussions guest, Jon Roesler

It’s great for kids (and adults, for that matter) to be active and involved in vigorous sports. However, some activities put participants at particular risk for repeated concussions, with potentially life-long consequences. But information is power and this week’s Mom Enough show is packed with information about how to recognize and respond to concussions and,…

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photo of ME's fitting in self-care guest, Julie Burton

It’s easy for our days as mothers to become one big to-do list. And when someone tells us we should make time for self-care, we might be tempted to shout, “Not one more thing!” Author Julie Burton knows that, but she also knows how important it is for moms to join forces to figure out…

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on our minds

Are you managing all the important facets of your busy life — parenting, marriage, career, social life and community — or are they managing you? There can be a fine line between achieving balance and corralling a crazy daily grind, especially for working parents. There are strategies to find calm in the chaos!   Listen…

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photo of dental health ME guest, Roger Lucas

When Marti & Erin saw the book More Chocolate, No Cavities, they thought, “What in the world?” But author and dentist, Dr. Roger Lucas, has a strong, research-based dental health message and clear tips on “teeth-friendly foods” to give your children. He also shares common snacks to avoid or keep to a minimum, the importance…

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