Writer Julie Davidson asked Marti how kids’ understanding of relationships changes in their tweens and teens. Here is what was included in her Metroparent Magazine article titled The ABCs of Love: How kids’ understanding of relationships change as they grow:   The tweens and teens stage is a very awkward stage in a child’s life,…

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tv appearances
KARE_Preparing kids for love

America celebrated Valentine’s Day on February 14th. Many couples exchanged sweet words and surrounded themselves with hearts and flowers. But beyond the cards, candy and flowers of Valentine’s Day, what is our society’s take on love and romance? And what are the images and messages that shape our children’s understanding of this important part of life?…

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photo of ME's healthy relationships guest, Mike Domitrz

As parents, many of us are uneasy talking candidly with our sons and daughters about healthy relationships, dating and the decisions they will face in their relationships. We may worry that if we say too much, we’ll stimulate our children’s sexual interest. But talking is essential to teaching values and healthy, respectful choices. Fueled by…

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photo of being a good sport parent guest, Dr. Nicole LaVoi

We’ve all seen them (and many of us have been them) – the parents yelling at the referee, coaching their child from the sidelines or booing the other team. What are kids learning when they see that behavior? And how does that sport parent behavior affect children’s health, well-being and feelings about sports? University of…

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photo of support for siblings guest, Monica Handlos

When a child has complex health needs or a disability, all family members are affected. Healthy, typically developing siblings often experience a wide range of emotions, including fear, sadness, anger, confusion or guilt. But Monica Handlos of Pediatric Home Service is helping provide support for siblings by helping them find common ground with other children…

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