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Are you managing all the important facets of your busy life — parenting, marriage, career, social life and community — or are they managing you? There can be a fine line between achieving balance and corralling a crazy daily grind, especially for working parents. There are strategies to find calm in the chaos!   Listen…

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Weeks after the 2016 Presidential Election, many parents are still struggling with the aftermath. The bad campaign behavior has spurred a surge in hate speech and bullying in schools and elsewhere. Much of the bullying is focused on race, ethnicity or gender.   However, the holidays are a great time to “reset” and establish respect…

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We’ve all heard “mean girl” stories and many of us probably have lived them. But the social rejection and humiliation kids inflict on each other is not unique to girls; in fact, this week’s Mom Enough guest cites evidence that relational aggression is equally common among boys and girls. Whatever the gender of the children…

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Mom Enough guest Ron Ousky on collaborative divorce

We all have heard about – and many of us have seen firsthand – the negative effects of divorce on children. But the choices parents make before, during and after divorce have a powerful impact on how children survive and even thrive in the face of such a difficult family change. Attorney Ron Ousky is…

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Check out this HAP Balanced Living magazine article in which Marti contributed her suggestions for inspiring families to connect. We know families have a lot going on, but you’ll discover you have time to strengthen your family bond by trying any of these 9 ideas. They are: 1) Create daily specials 2) “Entertain” monthly 3)…

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