photo of ME's early puberty in girls guests, Julianna Deardorff & Louise Greenspan

The average age of the onset of puberty has dropped significantly in recent years. But research on probable causes of early puberty in girls yields some surprises that defy popular beliefs.   Dr. Louise Greenspan and Dr. Julianna Deardorff, authors of The New Puberty: How to Navigate Early Development in Today’s Girls, join Marti &…

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photo of ME's parenting a teenager guest, Joani Geltman

The explosion of new technologies over the last 20 years has opened a whole new world to children and teens, posing both opportunities and challenges for kids and parents alike. The adolescent years probably always have presented issues that make parents uncomfortable. But technology has raised the stakes with threats like online bullying, sexting and…

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photo of ME's reflective parenting guest, Dr. Regina Pally

When our child misbehaves, we often react quickly with a lecture, a consequence or an angry outburst. But what if we paused to see through our child’s eyes and understand what motivated his or her behavior? What if we took a moment to assess our own feelings and how they are colored by stress or…

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Writer Julie Davidson asked Marti how kids’ understanding of relationships changes in their tweens and teens. Here is what was included in her Metroparent Magazine article titled The ABCs of Love: How kids’ understanding of relationships change as they grow:   The tweens and teens stage is a very awkward stage in a child’s life,…

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tv appearances

America celebrated Valentine’s Day on February 14th. Many couples exchanged sweet words and surrounded themselves with hearts and flowers. But beyond the cards, candy and flowers of Valentine’s Day, what is our society’s take on love and romance? And what are the images and messages that shape our children’s understanding of this important part of life?…

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